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The 21st century is the era of digital technology. Numerous devices, from laptops and net books to gaming consoles, smart phones, tablets and ebooks, have the potential to deliver exciting and compelling, personalised learning experiences. This heralds an enormous transformation in the way our young people are educated and indeed the way people learn throughout life. At school, at college or in employment, digital technologies cross this divide and enable life-long learning as it has never been before.

For nearly 25 years years we have worked with leading educational publishers in the design and production of digital teaching and learning resources. During this time we have designed and created a large bank of Vivid resources that publishers have been able to integrate into their products.

These include a range of online Maths resources that you can view and purchase directly from this site.

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We have also expanded our range of services to embrace mobile technology, including smartphones, ipads and other tablet devices that in the 21st century are an essential part of the teaching and learning toolkit.

In order to ensure that we understand the rapidly changing needs of education, our MD Mick Landmann has established Digital Education Brighton, a not for profit organisation that is working directly with schools and others involved in teaching and learning on a range of exciting projects. For more information or to discuss how we may be able to help you call Mick on 07768 106910 or email him at