How we work

Mission statement:

Our mission is to positively transform the learning experiences of young people by giving them a voice and creating 21st century personalised, rich and supportive learning environments for them.

Creating compelling digital media together

We understand that you need to meet changing National Curriculum requirements. So we help you bring engaging learning resources to market as quickly as possible. That enhances young people’s learning experience but it also improves profits.

A solid business relationship

We begin by establishing an excellent working relationship with our clients that’s based on warmth, understanding, mutual respect and shared knowledge.

The Vivid framework

This relationship is the foundation of our partnership way of working, the Vivid framework. It means you can:

  • use our understanding of young people’s needs to create effective learning resources
  • benefit from our core team’s digital media and teaching knowledge (and our close relationships with other digital media experts)
  • share risk with us
  • ensure brand consistency as more learning resources are produced
  • reduce costs over time by developing reusable production tools
  • improve profit

“The Vivid Interactive team are a dream for any Project Manager responsible for delivering demanding ICT projects that require innovation, commitment, budgetry constraints and actual delivery.”

- Steven Suckling, Project Manager, Education ICT

Contact Vivid Interactive

Do get in touch to find out about our services or how we can work together on your next education project.