The Vivid framework

Bringing digital media to market quickly

Vivid’s Framework Agreement recognises the reality of what really makes complex projects successful – the people involved and the relationships between them. It provides a proven yet novel context which ensures that business objectives are met, and personal ones too.

- Peter Burden, Business Consultant

The Vivid framework is our way of working in partnership with educational publishers. It means we can work together to create engaging learning resources for young people and improve profits.

Digital media is a different process

We specialise in digital media for education. We developed the Vivid framework because we’ve noticed that educational publishers often find the transition from print publishing to interactive digital media problematic. This is simply because both business processes are very different.

Starting with the wrong process can be costly and may damage your future digital brand’s potential.

Speed to market and more profit

The Vivid framework helps guide you through digital media development. But it also produces high quality and efficient digital media products that get to market quickly and for less cost.

Our way of partnership working also makes sure:

  • your learning resources inspire young people and are right for your market
  • you build a solid relationship with a familiar team who have a clear understanding of your needs and brand
  • we share knowledge to help you with accurate forecasting and resource planning in new markets and territories
  • you make the best use of appropriate technology
  • reusable production elements (such as shell functionality, xml scheme, and navigation and interface) keep costs down and maintain development standards
  • we share risk
  • you save on ongoing recruitment, development and tendering fees
  • we achieve common objectives

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