Vivid people

“Vivid Interactive manage projects in a way that really appeals to me. They are clear about costs, timescales and technical issues and always get the job done. They’re a fantastic team to work with.”

- Carey McIlvenny,

Gill Strawford

A founding director of Vivid, Gill has worn many hats for many roles and is currently Financial Director and Talent Director.

With a background in youth and environmental work, insurance industry finance and video production work, Gill is one of the multi-talented team that makes Vivid so special.

Mick Landmann

Mick is a multimedia pioneer and co-founder of Vivid Interactive with Gill 20 years ago. Having been involved in the industry since its beginnings in the 1980s, and with his experience in working with young people, he quickly realised the massive potential of digital media for education.

As Managing Director he maintains his passion to continue the empowerment of young people through digital media.  His experience of commercial art, theatre, youth training and horse-trading (along with his technical understanding) means he is ideally suited for his guiding role.

Diane Kirkland

Diane is our prized Senior Producer, combining in depth technical ability with creativity, organisational flair and smooth client liaison.

20 years of programming experience and production in the interactive milieu (and that was before we got our hands on her) plus numerous years’ experience leading projects means we would like to clone her.

Derek King

For several years Vivid’s programming lynchpin, our Senior Software Developer Derek, has an understanding and capability that enables Vivid to consistently produce robust, elegant and versatile programs. Derek also nurtures the younger talent in the company brilliantly.

Sarah Dibb-Fuller

No nonsense competence within the multifarious administration role that Sarah undertakes keeps us all on our toes.

Whether testing programs, dealing with other admin matters or looking after Mick’s diary, Sarah ensures the Vivid wheels keep on turning.