A MESSAGE FOR ‘it’s learning’ USERS

Our journey into publishing has now culminated in the publication of a range of Maths online resources, made available directly to schools.

These resources are also available through the ‘it’s learning’ learning platform. For some months ‘it’s learning’ users have had free access to a number of our maths tools for evaluation. They will now be required to licence use of the tools, available in four packs, on an annual subscription basis.

We are trying to manage this conversion from free to licenced use as sensitively as we can. We do understand that for some current users of the free resources this transition may be difficult and we encourage such users to contact us on ‘’ and we will do our very best to smooth the transition for them.

Overall, our philosophy is to offer high quality resources at affordable cost. We put our 21 years experience and passion for education into everything we produce and intend to continually add value to our subscription services.

The feedback and involvement of our users is crucial in this and so we encourage all feedback, good and bad, and suggestions for anything that will add value.

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