CMS transplant

Vivid has recently completed a project for the London based charity, Trinity Hospice.

We were approached with a simple brief:

“Keep the front end and content the same – just completely replace the CMS with something intuitive that actually works.”

A bit like the magic tablecloth trick, only with the entire back end of a website.

When considering how to approach said CMS transplant, we chose to use the most recent release of WordPress (2.5.1 at time of writing) to provide a highly intuitive back end administration area whilst being able to call upon the necessary time saving features of a decent PHP framework.

WordPress has a lot going for it at the moment:

  • It’s open source
  • Its feature set is increasingly more powerful with each release (to the point where it can now act as a full CMS rather than just a blog engine)
  • The plug-in resources are expansive, offering plenty of exciting options for developing flexible websites
  • The default administration area is truly intuitive (I once heard a client describe it as “a combination of Word and FaceBook”)
  • It’s the most popular choice for powering blogs in the world right now
  • The development community is huge, offering more support than you can shake a very large stick at

The website’s new CMS is up and running and the response so far has been good.


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