DIY Wiimote interactive whiteboard


One of the greatest recent innovations in the digital world has been the Nintendo Wii. This device has transformed the landscape and introduced the world of digital interaction to a wide audience outside the traditional gaming user group of 18-30 year old males.

This has introduced the spectre of whole families participating in interactive games: middle aged mothers hooked on the technology, grandads taking on their grand children.

It isn’t just the technology that is so impressive but also the applications for the Wii, the DS and the DS-Lite that have fired the imaginations of the populace across the generations.

Into this new world we have come across the Wii based experimental work of Johnny Chung Lee. He has devised a way of building an interactive whiteboard using a Wiimote, a projector, a DIY Infrared light pen and some custom software provided free by Johnny himself.

Johnny’s interactive whiteboard can be projected on to almost any flat surface and has the potential for multi-touch application.

We fancy having a go at this ourselves and will let you know how we get on in future bulletins.

You’ll see that Johnny has also devised a way of having a 3D experience with your own TV using the same technology.

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