Digital media – a collaborative approach

Most people know about digital media, have at least heard the term even if not everyone knows precisely what it means. On the whole, people know that their mobile phone is digital, that their TV, if not digital now will be by 2012, that the internet is digital.

What many people don’t know is how this may change their lives. For the purveyors of applications of digital technology there is another dilemma – how to deal with the integration of the different digital platforms with regards to meaningful multiplatform applications.

Whilst all digital platforms share the common fact of being ‘digital’, the requirements for the development of content and applications and the dissemination of these can vary quite radically cross platform.

It would be exceptional for all the cross platform expertise required to be invested in a single place, which is why at Vivid we believe that the way forwards is through collaboration.

Even the mighty BBC, whilst investing in some of the expertise in house, collaborates with other suppliers to ensure a full 360 degree offering.

The physical encapsulation of the technology is in the myriad devices, ever increasing in sophistication, that we are surrounded with: mobile phones fast becoming data centres; SMS a primary means of communication amongst young people; hand held devices such as the PDA, PSP, DS, the Wii (revolutionary in its own right); wireless networks; digital cameras; digital camcorders etc.

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