Digital media – a collaborative approach

What is sure, though, is that this brave new world of convergent media offers enormous and exciting opportunities for education. At the moment it is the tip of the iceberg but these are exciting times.

At Vivid we are ‘specialists in digital media for education’ and our response to ‘convergence’ is to explore the possibilities through our involvement with Digital Horizons, involving film, audio, TV, mobile phone, web, practitioners (Digital Horizons is a programme run by the South East Media Network established specifically to explore the possibilities of convergent media).

We also believe in the establishment of collaborations with other individuals and organisations involved in aspects of convergence. We currently have established collaborations with a mobile phone content organisation, a games producer (with whom we have a bid in for some European money to further a concept for a fully immersive 3D game that addresses issues such as citizenship and media studies (journalism and photography)). We are also in the throes of establishing similar collaborations with digital TV experts and the like.

Through these collaborations we are setting up sessions specifically to look at potential convergent media applications for education. Through our clients we are consistently involved in specifying new education projects and we use this as a platform for exploring possibilities of convergent media aspects of those applications.

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