Digital media integration

  1. e-portfolios

Through the government’s e-strategy ‘Harnessing technology’ all pupils should have access to an e-portfolio in/by 2008. This means effectively that all schools must integrate some kind of Learning Management System into the school infrastructure.

  1. Personalisation in learning

The requirement for each pupil to have access to an e-portfolio is related to the ‘personalisation’ agenda that recognises that pupils learn at different paces. Digital technology is absolutely right for addressing this.

  1. Analogue switch off

Analogue switch off has begun with the whole of the UK being switched off by 2012. This has focussed people’s minds on the reality that a key attribute of 21st century life is that we live in a truly digital world.

  1. The Building Schools for the Future programme

This programme has a target of integrating digital technology into the infrastructure of all schools in the ten years from 2005-6.

  1. Ofsted inspections

With government requirements for integrating digital technology, Ofsted inspections will look closely at how schools are utilising the technology in their practices.

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