Digital media integration

  1. Pupil expectations

Parents of primary and secondary age children will recognise the multi tasking multi platform behaviours of their children at home, and on the streets. The facility to make the same use of technology at school and in relation to their education will be expected.

  1. Fast pace of technological advancement

The technology is moving so fast and is becoming sufficiently ubiquitous that it is becoming an integrated aspect of all our lives.

  1. Multi platform integration

The likes of the BBC ( and NBC (, and others are offering integrated digital multi platform offerings right now and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  1. New teacher demand/pioneering

The teachers being trained today have been brought up with technology and are, of course, the teachers of tomorrow. They will simply and naturally utilise technology for education.

  1. Cost effectiveness

Different cost models for integrating and using digital technology for education will be developed over time. These models will allow greater cost amelioration, wider learning networks, more bang for the buck.

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