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Update to Sounds App

Sounds App iconVivid Digital are currently producing Version 3 of Sounds: The Pronunciation App for Macmillan Education.

The App was first released in 2011 for both iOS and Android platforms.

The key new feature of this version is linking words in the wordlists to the Macmillan Online Dictionary. Users can switch into “definition” mode and look up the definitions of the words they are learning.

Alongside this we are integrating Google Analytics to provide Macmillan with useful user statistics, as well as updating both platforms to take account of new versions of iOS and Android and new phones and tablets.

Cracking Comprehension updated

CC logoThe updated version of Cracking Comprehension is complete and has now been released. It is based on the popular 2008 series of CD ROMs that Vivid produced for Rising Stars.

The new version includes a refreshed design, a few functional changes and 36 new texts for use in class. Each text is available in written format for use on interactive whiteboard or for printing, and also in an audio format for listening.

Latin App 2 & 3

Pipiatum iconFollowing on from Pipiatum Level 1, Vivid Digital Education have now completed development of Pipiatum Levels 2 and 3 for World Class Arena Ltd. All 3 apps are available on the App store.

This phase of the development involved first extending the functionality of Level 1 to include a new Verbs section. Levels 2 and 3 were then produced rapidly to the same template. Each level increases the complexity of the vocabulary, nouns and verbs used within the app.

The app features a learn mode, where Latin words are presented with engaging illustrations and audio, and a “LaterBase” where users can save tricky words to come back to later. There are practice questions to consolidate the learning and tests to check understanding – and users can try to improve their high score against the clock!

Pipiatum helps users to master their Latin.

Latin App

Pipiatum iconVivid Digital Education has just completed development of Pipiatum, a Latin learning app available from the App store for iphone and ipad. Pipiatum was produced for World Class Arena Ltd.

The app features a learn mode, where Latin words are presented with engaging illustrations and audio, and a “LaterBase” where users can save tricky words to come back to later. There are practice questions to consolidate the learning and tests to check understanding – and users can try to improve their high score against the clock!

Pipiatum helps users to master their Latin vocabulary.

Health and Safety for Directors

Health & Safety for Directors iconFollowing on from the Level 1 course, Vivid Digital Business Training has just completed a second Health and Safety training program for the British Safety Council. This course is aimed at Directors and Senior Managers.

Unique to this course is the users individualised action plan, which is created from their responses to questions throughout the course. This feature encourages Directors to take what they learn from the course and put it into action.

The course is available on the British Safety Councils VLE and will soon be released through the App store for ipad use.

Health and Safety training

Health and Safety with popupsWe have recently completed the development of a digital training course for the British Safety Council, based on their existing Level 1 Award in Health & Safety at Work. This course has been developed as a cross-platform training package that can be delivered on-line via any browser, in a learning management system as a SCORM package and also as an iPad App (Android version to follow).

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Cross platform Phonetics app for Macmillan

The phonetics app for iphone/ipodtouch/ipad produced by Vivid Interactive for Macmillan is available on the Apple app store. Getting excellent reviews and a five star rating the app will be available soon also on Android Market with a premium version for all platforms available in June 2011.

This consolidates our experience of app development, which includes the development of cross platform apps to support our own Teach, Practice and Assessment packs.

Vivid ‘Rounding’ app

Vivid Interactive is producing a series of Maths apps to help educate and ease users through some tough, tricky or entertaining Maths with our signature ‘Maths raps’.

Whether adult or child the apps help you get to grips with the topics, and quizzes in the apps can check how you’re doing. More »

Scientific Enquiry Down Under!

Working with Rising Stars, Vivid has localised the Excellence in Scientific Enquiry series to make it appropriate for the Australian education market. With all content now mapped to the Australian curriculum and a few changes to reflect cultural differences, the disks are on sale through MacMillan Education Australia.

As with all our productions, the update of a program to the requirements of another country is simplified by the way we build our programs – all four disks were completed in a matter of weeks!

Nelson Comprehension

Nelson Comprehension

Client: Nelson Thornes

Launch online demo

  • Primary comprehension across Years 1-6 and 5 levels
  • VLE and CD-ROM versions for use on interactive whiteboard/small groups/1-on-1

A huge range of fiction and non-fiction texts and extracts are available, with narration, video, illustrations, animations and sound effects. Visual ‘snapshots’ support and assess struggling readers’ thinking comprehension skills. Vivid have produced a wealth of fully interactive activities that reinforce key comprehension skills – such as dilemma voting, story-mapping and character grids. Video and other media can be imported and incorporated. Together with Vivid Tools, a media bank and avatar builder this product is in another dimension! More »

How Science Works

How Science Works thumbClient: Rising Stars

Following on from the success of Scientific Enquiry, How Science Works also provided virtual experiment – but this time for KS3. The three disks are for Biology, Physics and Chemistry with 33 interactive experiments in total which are clearly marked for years 7, 8 or 9. More »

Developing Literacy

Developing Literacy thumbClient: A&C Black

Developing Literacy is a new series of engaging interactive activities for use as lesson starters on an interactive whiteboard.

This four disk series, aimed at KS2 pupils, is organised into the three literacy strands: word structure & spelling, sentence structure and punctuation & understanding & creating text. Each strand provides eight activities, each with an associated key framework objective. More »

Star Maths Tools

sc-smtClient: Scholastic

The second series of the Star Maths brand, Star Maths Tools has been developed using Vivid’s Tools to accompany the new series of books. More »

Cracking Comprehension

Cracking ComprehensionClient: Rising Stars

Launch Online Demo

Shortlisted for a prestigious 2010 BETT award in the Primary Digital Content category.

Cracking Comprehension is a 4-disk CD ROM series that uses innovative ways of teaching reading comprehension skills to KS2 pupils. This is the second programme Vivid have produced with Rising Stars, following the success of Scientific Enquiry. More »

Star Maths Starters

Star Maths StartersClient: Scholastic

Star Maths Starters is an appealing 6-disk CD ROM maths teaching resource that really engages young people. We produced the CD ROM for publishers Scholastic. It accompanies Scholastic’s Star Maths Starters resource book series for primary school years 1-6. More »

Excellence in Scientific Enquiry

Scientific EnquiryClient: Rising Stars

Launch Online Demo

An interactive science teaching resource for primary years 3-6, Scientific Enquiry is based on Rising Stars’ book series. It shows pupils that learning about scientific processes can be both fun and memorable. More »

100 Literacy Framework Lessons

100 Literacy Framework LessonsClient: Scholastic

This set of engaging interactive lesson plans, supports the New Primary Literacy Framework and is an invaluable primary English teaching resource. Commissioned by Scholastic, 100 Literacy Framework Lessons accompanies the Scholastic book series of the same name. More »

100 Science Lessons

100 Science LessonsClient: Scholastic

Part of Scholastic’s popular ‘100 Lessons’ series, 100 Science Lessons is a great help to teachers looking for lesson plans for primary years R to 6. This 7-disk science teacher resources set accompanies the Scholastic books. More »

100 Maths Framework Lessons

100 Maths Framework LessonsClient: Scholastic

100 Maths Framework Lessons is a compelling maths teaching resource that fully supports the New Primary Maths Framework and is suitable for interactive whiteboards. This 6-disk series was created for publishers Scholastic to accompany their book 100 Maths Framework Lessons. More »

50 Shared Texts Non-fiction

50 Shared Texts Non-fictionClient: Scholastic

We adapted Scholastic’s 50 Shared Texts (non-fiction) books for primary school years 1-6 into an appealing 6-disk CD ROM set. Each of the 50 texts found in this English teaching resource can be used in literacy hour as part of the National Literacy Strategy (NLS). More »

Nelson Handwriting

Nelson HandwritingClient: Scholastic

Shortlisted for a prestigious 2008 BETT award and recognised by the BETT judges as an exemplary product, Nelson Handwriting is a series of 4 CD ROMs developed by Vivid Interactive. It contains the first 5 levels of Nelson Thornes’ Nelson Handwriting books. More »

Key Maths GCSE

key-maths-gcse-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes

We used our multimedia expertise to create a maths teachers’ resource for Nelson Thornes. The series of 4-disks for GCSE Maths years 10 and 11 (KS4) is a companion to the publishers’ printed materials for Key Maths GCSE. More »

Power Maths

power-maths-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes

Nelson Thornes asked us to produce a series of interactive maths activities for high ability students at KS3 (between National Curriculum levels 6-8).

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flashyducks-thumbClient: Vivid Interactive & Doublestruck

Shortlisted for a BETT award (2004), flashyducks is a Vivid Interactive maths teachers’ resource created in partnership with Doublestruck. It’s aimed at KS1 (ages 5-7).

Developed in Flash running in a C++ shell, it can be delivered on standalone systems, networks, through a browser or on an LEA intranet. More »

Business Simulation

business-sim-thumbClient: Simulation Training Associates

We produced a virtual business environment for Simulation Training Associates. It takes the user through the different stages in developing and implementing business practices.

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The Neuro Clones

neuro-thumbClient: Vivid Interactive & The Ministry of Toons

The Neuro Clones is a lively animated children’s television series of 26 episodes (13 minutes each) developed by The Ministry of Toons.

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beesafe-thumbClient: Hawkshead

Hawkshead asked us to develop an interactive online game to support a campaign by Understanding Electricity (a government body).

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Corporate website

pro-fundraiser-thumbClient: Professional Fundraiser

Professional Fundraiser needed a content management system and easy to navigate website for their fundraising resources and factsheets.

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Corporate website

ice-house-design-thumbClient: Ice House Design

We designed and produced a website to showcase work and provide a viewing facility for Ice House Design’s ongoing client project work. We created a password protected client facility for this section.

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Corporate website

lambs-bricks-thumbClient: Lambs Bricks and Arches

Vivid Interactive were asked to deliver a compelling website for Lambs to:

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Corporate website

dreamworks-thumbClient: Dreamworks

Building, restoration and decorating company Dreamworks engaged Vivid Interactive to develop their company website as part of a rebrand.

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Corporate Website

sim-training-website-thumbClient: Simulation Training Associates Ltd

We developed a website (using HTML and Flash) to showcase all Simulation Training Associates’ company details and products.

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Renewable Energy

etsu-thumbEnergy Technology Support Unit (part of the Department of Energy)

Winner of a silver BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) award, this public information programme on renewable energy was produced for ETSU (part of the Department of Energy).

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Family Credit Public Information Kiosk

no-image-available-thumbClient: Department of Health and Social Security

We created an information system for the (then) DSS to provide information to the public about the launch of Family Credit.

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NATO Promotional Kiosks

mod-thumbClient: Ministry of Defence

We helped the Publicity Department of the Ministry of Defence fulfil its NATO publicity obligations by creating a set of compelling interactive kiosks.

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sustainability-thumbClient: Ecocentric Development

We created the Solutions! CD ROM to help our client inform people about sustainability issues. This interactive resource takes in graphics, animations, information sources, links and voiceovers.

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National Health & Lifestyles Surveys

hea-thumbClient: Health Education Authority

We incorporated a database of information on over 100 surveys into a CD ROM so health officials and agencies could quickly access National Health and Lifestyles statistics.

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Quality Scoring Framework

nef-thumbClient: New Economics Foundation

We developed a CD ROM demonstration of the Quality Scoring Framework (used for social and ethical accounting, auditing and reporting) for the New Economics Foundation. It was created for distribution at an international conference in Canada, Building Civil Organisation. More »

Training Manuals

change-first-thumbClient: Changefirst

We worked on a training materials rebrand for ‘management of change’ consultants Changefirst. Making sure the design was radically different from their previous ‘text book’ style, we designed and produced the materials to be enjoyably accessible.

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Petrol Fuel Injection Systems

aa-thumbClient: AA

This interactive video was commissioned by The AA National Training Centre to train patrol personnel in fuel injection engines.

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Product Knowledge

boc-edwards-thumbClient: BOC Edwards

We created a programme series providing product knowledge to BOC Edwards’ staff worldwide.

The project involved recording presentations by experts, producing interactive audio with transcripts and converting existing PowerPoint based training sessions.

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Peugeot Sales & Customer Care

peugeot-thumbClient: Peugeot Sales and Marketing Institute

Peugeot commissioned Vivid Interactive to produce a training tool for the Peugeot Sales and Marketing Institute. The interactive video was used to train dealership staff in ‘Customer Care’ and ‘Handover and Delivery’ and distributed to UK Peugeot dealerships.

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Teacher Resource Website

nat-trust-thumbClient: National Trust

Based around a National Trust property, Standen, we were asked to produce a pilot teacher resource website that provides topic based lesson plans and interactive activities to encourage visits from schools.

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Education Online

wkeo-thumbClient: Wolters Kluwer Education Online

Wolters Kluwer Education Online hired us to produce maths, biology and geography online learning resources. We worked closely with a number of subject experts to ensure the content was educationally correct in all aspects. More »

World Class Tests

world-class-tests-thumbClient: Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA)

We created interactive maths and problem solving items for 9 and 13 year olds for the QCA’s World Class Tests. The tests form part of World Class Arena, an international scheme for gifted and talented students. More »

Key Maths Home Support

key-maths-home-support-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes

We developed a browser based (produced in HTML/Java) online product to help young people in Year 7 with their maths revision. It supports Nelson Thornes’ Key Maths scheme. More »

Teaching Scientific Enquiry

teaching-scientific-enquiry-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes & ASE

Teaching Scientific Enquiry is a motivating science teaching resource. It provides in-class inspiration and practical sessions for primary teachers for KS1 and KS2 scientific enquiry. More »

Developing Problem Solving

developing-problem-solving-thumbClient: nferNelson

Created for nferNelson, this 6-disk series helps gifted and talented pupils at primary and secondary schools look at problem solving. The teaching resource examines problem solving from several different aspects:

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mathsinsight-thumbClient: Granada Learning Ltd

Built for Windows and Macintosh and designed for use in interactive whiteboard teacher-led lessons, Granada Learning Ltd. commissioned this maths teaching resource.

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Key Maths

key-maths-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes

Nelson Thornes commissioned us to work on the multimedia part of their Key Maths blended learning project. We developed 3-disks for years 7, 8 and 9 to support their book series, ensuring that each interactive activity closely references the books. More »

Can Do Problem-solving

can-do-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes

Linked to National Numeracy Strategy objectives, Can Do Problem Solving is a set of 6-disks, each containing 9 interactive learning activities. Covering primary school years 1 to 6, it introduces young people to the steps and strategies required for problem solving. More »

AQA Maths

AQA Maths thumbThis set of individual interactive maths teachers’ resources (covering years 10 and 11 GCSE at Foundation and Higher levels) was designed for delivery through our client Nelson Thornes’ content management system. More »

Acrylica ’98

ici-thumbClient: ICI Acrylics

ICI Acrylics commissioned this CD ROM to provide information, training and sales presentations on a particular range of acrylics for staff worldwide.

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