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Scientific EnquiryClient: Rising Stars

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An interactive science teaching resource for primary years 3-6, Scientific Enquiry is based on Rising Stars’ book series. It shows pupils that learning about scientific processes can be both fun and memorable.

Virtual experiments

One of the most inventive features of this exciting science teaching resource is the interactive science experiment. Here, pupils can select the equipment they need, place it on a virtual workbench, vary parameters of the experiment and then note their results using Vivid Interactive’s bespoke graphing tool.

Covering all of Key Stage 2 Scientific Enquiry (SC1) knowledge, the CD ROM series also has:

  • easy to use step by step interactives helping pupils through the scientific enquiry process
  • the original Rising Stars’ book materials to display as viewable and printable documents for interactive whiteboards (with Vivid Interactive whiteboard tools for zooming and annotating)
  • written questions to help with National Tests
  • additional worksheets to undertake practical experiments in class
  • scientific enquiry activities such as ‘Habitats – what do snails like to eat’, ‘Friction – parachutes’ and ‘Circuits and conductors’.

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You can find out about other science teaching resources we’ve developed in Our Work.

Or do get in touch if you have any interactive learning project queries.

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