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Health and Safety for Directors

Health & Safety for Directors iconFollowing on from the Level 1 course, Vivid Digital Business Training has just completed a second Health and Safety training program for the British Safety Council. This course is aimed at Directors and Senior Managers.

Unique to this course is the users individualised action plan, which is created from their responses to questions throughout the course. This feature encourages Directors to take what they learn from the course and put it into action.

The course is available on the British Safety Councils VLE and will soon be released through the App store for ipad use.

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    Force from 1947 to the mid 1990s. Air Force currently issues several aviation badges including pilot, combat systems officer (formerly navigator), air battle manager, flight surgeon,
    flight nurse, non rated officer aircrew, and enlisted aircrew.
    The requirements to earn these are listed here. human hair wigs

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