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Following on from the success of Scientific Enquiry, How Science Works also provided virtual experiment – but this time for KS3. The three disks are for Biology, Physics and Chemistry with 33 interactive experiments in total which are clearly marked for years 7, 8 or 9.

It has been designed to cover all the strands of the new Science Framework, allowing pupils to do some interactive experiments which are often not possible to do in the classroom.

Giving a real-life context for each experiment, pupils in many cases have to select the equipment they need to use. They can use Vivid’s built in table & graphing tool to record data that they collect while doing the investigation.

This is followed up by a section asking pupils to analyse their findings, draw conclusion and suggesting follow-up work.

Finally a self assessment screen allows pupils to look at the assessment criteria for the activity and indicate whether they think they have met the criteria.

A separate teacher area allows all the investigation to be sorted and selected by Framework objective and assessment focus.

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