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Key Maths GCSE

key-maths-gcse-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes

We used our multimedia expertise to create a maths teachers’ resource for Nelson Thornes. The series of 4-disks for GCSE Maths years 10 and 11 (KS4) is a companion to the publishers’ printed materials for Key Maths GCSE.

Technology used

Key Maths GCSE is suitable for teacher-led lessons, computer suites, or for individual pupils’ work (information for use with standalone and network installation).

The interface is programmed in Visual Basic with motivating integrated activities in Flash and Autograph. Each activity can be selected by chapter, attainment target or keyword to further assist users. A handy maths teachers’ resource pack references the interactive exercises.

Thinking of developing a blended learning project?

We’ve worked on numerous maths teachers’ resources (see Our Work), do contact us if you’d like to talk about your next education idea.

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