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Nelson Comprehension

Nelson Comprehension

Client: Nelson Thornes

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  • Primary comprehension across Years 1-6 and 5 levels
  • VLE and CD-ROM versions for use on interactive whiteboard/small groups/1-on-1

A huge range of fiction and non-fiction texts and extracts are available, with narration, video, illustrations, animations and sound effects. Visual ‘snapshots’ support and assess struggling readers’ thinking comprehension skills. Vivid have produced a wealth of fully interactive activities that reinforce key comprehension skills – such as dilemma voting, story-mapping and character grids. Video and other media can be imported and incorporated. Together with Vivid Tools, a media bank and avatar builder this product is in another dimension!

Objectives and Assessment foci in a Teachers Zone are listed for each unit and can be used as a filter or search of the resources. Lesson planning is assisted and worksheets provided.

Doug Dickinson, educational consultant to Nelson Thornes for this project said:

“It was good to work with a group of people who expected to bring something to the party rather than just work from a spec that was locked down. One of the strengths of the project was watching the ideas evolve right until the last moment. Credit to the creative people who were able to go with the flow and allow ideas to come through”

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