Teaching & learning resources

We have produced a number of interactive maths resources for use on interactive whiteboards (e.g. SMART Board, Promethean). These are available online and are free to use. You can launch a resource and use it as it is or tailor it by clicking on the options button.

We are always striving to improve what we do, so please give us your feedback and suggestions using the comments box provided for each resource.

We will continue to add resources and teacher support materials. If you would like notification of when new resources are available, please subscribe to our RSS feed or our email newsletter.

Update to Sounds App

Sounds App iconVivid Digital are currently producing Version 3 of Sounds: The Pronunciation App for Macmillan Education.

The App was first released in 2011 for both iOS and Android platforms.

The key new feature of this version is linking words in the wordlists to the Macmillan Online Dictionary. Users can switch into “definition” mode and look up the definitions of the words they are learning.

Alongside this we are integrating Google Analytics to provide Macmillan with useful user statistics, as well as updating both platforms to take account of new versions of iOS and Android and new phones and tablets.

Cracking Comprehension updated

CC logoThe updated version of Cracking Comprehension is complete and has now been released. It is based on the popular 2008 series of CD ROMs that Vivid produced for Rising Stars.

The new version includes a refreshed design, a few functional changes and 36 new texts for use in class. Each text is available in written format for use on interactive whiteboard or for printing, and also in an audio format for listening.

Latin App 2 & 3

Pipiatum iconFollowing on from Pipiatum Level 1, Vivid Digital Education have now completed development of Pipiatum Levels 2 and 3 for World Class Arena Ltd. All 3 apps are available on the App store.

This phase of the development involved first extending the functionality of Level 1 to include a new Verbs section. Levels 2 and 3 were then produced rapidly to the same template. Each level increases the complexity of the vocabulary, nouns and verbs used within the app.

The app features a learn mode, where Latin words are presented with engaging illustrations and audio, and a “LaterBase” where users can save tricky words to come back to later. There are practice questions to consolidate the learning and tests to check understanding – and users can try to improve their high score against the clock!

Pipiatum helps users to master their Latin.

Rising Stars CPD

As part of Vivid Digital Consultancy, Mick Landmann is working with Rising Stars in the development of their new online CPD facility EssentialCPD.

The facility offers on-line CDP courses to teachers, including a FREE module about the use of iPads in the classroom, all of which are available to be undertaken anytime, anywhere.

Mick is helping Rising Stars to establish a robust ongoing development and delivery environment for the facility.

Latin App

Pipiatum iconVivid Digital Education has just completed development of Pipiatum, a Latin learning app available from the App store for iphone and ipad. Pipiatum was produced for World Class Arena Ltd.

The app features a learn mode, where Latin words are presented with engaging illustrations and audio, and a “LaterBase” where users can save tricky words to come back to later. There are practice questions to consolidate the learning and tests to check understanding – and users can try to improve their high score against the clock!

Pipiatum helps users to master their Latin vocabulary.

O2 Learn

Mick Landmann, Vivid Digital MD, is working with students at the Self Managed Learning College in Brighton to make a video that teaches the basics of drumming, for upload to the O2 Learn website.

The project, which comes under the auspices of Digital Education Brighton (DEB) (a non profit organisation jointly founded by Mick), is part of a larger project in which DEB is working with different groups of young people making teaching videos on iphones for uploading to O2 Learn.

Digital Opportunities

We’re delighted to announce a new joint venture with digital exhibition experts Digital Opportunities.

Digital Opps and Vivid logosThis venture will combine Digital Opps’ expertise in digital exhibit creation, with Vivid’s years of experience in educational projects of all kinds. The result will be a brand new product aimed at schools – and it will be something that’s not been seen before.

We’re planning to start trials with schools in the next few months. Watch this space for more details on this tremendously exciting project!

Health and Safety for Directors

Health & Safety for Directors iconFollowing on from the Level 1 course, Vivid Digital Business Training has just completed a second Health and Safety training program for the British Safety Council. This course is aimed at Directors and Senior Managers.

Unique to this course is the users individualised action plan, which is created from their responses to questions throughout the course. This feature encourages Directors to take what they learn from the course and put it into action.

The course is available on the British Safety Councils VLE and will soon be released through the App store for ipad use.

Cracking Comprehension update

Cracking Comprehension logoVivid Digital Education have just started work updating the extremely popular digital resource ‘Cracking Comprehension’ produced for Rising Stars in 2008.

The updates include new screen designs to refresh the look and feel of the resource, some minor functional updates and the inclusion of 36 new texts available in written and spoken formats.

The updated resource will be ready for release in May 2013.

Invisible Buildings

Vivid Digital Education are involved in a venture with digital games makers Locomatrix in the dissemination of Invisible Buildings, a simulation of an archaeological dig using Android smartphones and tablet devices in the outdoors.

Most recently, Mick and Locomatrix MD Richard Vahrman trained a group of teachers at Westfields Junior School in Yateley in the running of the simulation. The school then ran the simulation with around 90 year 5 pupils as the first activity of the Autumn term, to introduce the topic of the Romans.

This proved to be a great success invoking feedback like:

‘Just to let you know we have had another successful day today!  Both classes have absolutely loved the days and have been really inspired about the Romans!  All equipment has worked perfectly!’

Cambridge University Press

Vivid Digital Consultancy are involved in high level consultancy with Cambridge University Press, looking at the potential of mobile education across different territories such as Asia, Africa and North America.

The consultancy is intended to help inform CUP’s publishing plans in education as they look at the impact of digital technology across all their offerings.

Sounds App wins ELTon award

<Sounds App iconSounds: The Pronunciation App which was produced by Vivid Interactive for Macmillan Education, has won the British Council ELTon award for Innovation in Learner Resources.

This is the first time an App has won an ELTon award and is recognition of the growing importance and impact of mobile technologies to education and training. Teachers and students can use the the App to practise their English pronunciation any time, anywhere.

Vivid produced the Sounds App in 2011 as a native App for both iOS and Android-based mobile and tablet devices. We have further updated the App this year to include inApp purchasing functionality, allowing users to extend the app by purchasing and downloading additional wordlists.

If you would like to know more about our App development services, please get in touch with Mick Landmann on 07768 106910 or email him at mick@vividinteractive.co.uk.

Mick Landmann’s 5 minute presentation to Education Investor Summit 17/4/12

The digital revolution and what it means for education.

Digitally enabled or enhanced education is happening all around us:

-  Yesterday morning I made sure that my skype line was open and available, for the pupils of a local secondary school to talk to me on skype from their classroom about their community projects that I had been helping them with. As I had access to the part of the schools VLE, I could look at their work as I talked to them.

-  At home that evening I heard my daughter in a one to one maths tuition session through Facebook that she had instigated because she felt that she needed some help on some maths issues she was struggling with.  This is part of the normal provision of the sixth form college she attends.

-  A while ago I was working with a group of year 3’s, their teachers and parents on a full simulation of an archaeological dig out in the school playing fields using smartphones. These pupils and their mums or dads were using a metal detector, a geofiz device to detect buildings underneath the ground, and a digging device to dig up parts of what turned out to be a roman building. Having detected the building they were then able to reconstruct it and have a virtual walk through it.  A number of the children who were involved in this told the teacher that it had been the best day of their lives.

-  Through Digital Education Brighton two local secondary schools are engaged in a digital exchange with Cherokee Nation schools in Oklahoma using ipads in exploring their respective cultures, art forms and languages.

-  A while back I visited a junior school in Yately, Westfields Junior School that are doing some great things with technology including  the establishment of a radio station that is wholly managed by the pupils.

-  Around the country growing numbers of school children are enhancing their communication and writing skills by blogging with other schools and pupils around the world.

-  Around the world, 24/7, people are accessing teaching through facilities like the Khan academy, O2 learn, the services offered at TLC education and many more.

The list goes on, and there are more and more examples around the country, indeed around the world of digital technology enhancing learning, making it more accessible, more interesting more fun, more effective.

But this of itself is not revolutionary.  It is seeking out new ways of making learning fun and interesting as the best teachers have done through the ages, using different tools, but not revolutionary as such.

The real revolution will be when we get rid of the institution of schools as we know them because they will not be necessary any more, never mind not affordable.

With digital technology where you can access learning materials online, get automatic feedback, engage in games and simulations, communicate in real time with experts around the world, collaborate on Facebook with peers, etc. – all of which, particularly with the proliferation of mobile technology, can be undertaken from anywhere – we don’t actually need to herd our children into institutions called schools at 9.00 am every morning during term time.

Whereas, in the old or current model of education 1 teacher tries to teach 30 people the same things at the same time which is why they need to be in one place, in the new model 30 people can be learning 30 different things at the same time, and don’t need to be in one place.

This changes everything in respect of time and place.

The other revolutionary change is what is called personalisation. This is a term that tends to be bandied around by politicians who don’t quite know what it means. What I mean by personalisation is the ability for every person to follow their own individual learning journey, fuelled by their personal preferences, instincts and talents, rather than the very narrow strictures of this or that curriculum – each individual finding their element, as Sir Ken Robinson would have it.

This is revolutionary because it has never happened, in the whole history of education it has not been possible, but now it is, and digital technology is the catalyst for that change.

Mick Landmann, MD Vivid Interactive

Vivid’s MD on expert panel

Mick Landmann, Vivid’s MD, will be on an expert panel at the Education Investor Summit in London on 17th. April 2012. One of the key topics is the ‘Digital revolution and what it means for education’.

The Education Investor Summit is the annual destination for the education industry, bringing the entire sector together in a single forum to discuss common concerns and provide opportunities for networking at the highest level.  http://www.educationinvestor.co.uk/summit.aspx

In-App purchasing added to App

Vivid have just added in-App purchasing to MacMillan’s Sounds: The Pronunciation App. This allows users to buy new wordlists from within the app to use in the app.

in-App wordlist purchasing choicesA choice of 12 new wordlists can be purchased and more lists will be added to this each year.

Wordlists are graded (based on existing Macmillan course books) allowing learners of English to progress to more and more complex words.

After purchase, new wordlists are integrated into the current app and so can be used throughout: wordlist text and audio, practice questions and quiz.

Additionally, these new wordlists come with some example phrases (text and audio), putting some of the words into an everyday context.

This latest development is a great example of how Vivid are using mobile technology to provide solutions for clients to enhance their products.

Wordlists screen

Sounds: The Pronunciation App version 2 (April 2012) is available from either the App Store or  Google Play (formerly Android Market).

Health and Safety training

Health and Safety with popupsWe have recently completed the development of a digital training course for the British Safety Council, based on their existing Level 1 Award in Health & Safety at Work. This course has been developed as a cross-platform training package that can be delivered on-line via any browser, in a learning management system as a SCORM package and also as an iPad App (Android version to follow).

More »

Android and premium versions of app available

Following on from the iOS release of the free version Macmillan’s Sounds: The Pronunciation App, Vivid have now complete the premium and android versions.

Free version links:

Premium version links:

Cross platform Phonetics app for Macmillan

The phonetics app for iphone/ipodtouch/ipad produced by Vivid Interactive for Macmillan is available on the Apple app store. Getting excellent reviews and a five star rating the app will be available soon also on Android Market with a premium version for all platforms available in June 2011.

This consolidates our experience of app development, which includes the development of cross platform apps to support our own Teach, Practice and Assessment packs.

A MESSAGE FOR ‘it’s learning’ USERS

Our journey into publishing has now culminated in the publication of a range of Maths online resources, made available directly to schools.

These resources are also available through the ‘it’s learning’ learning platform. For some months ‘it’s learning’ users have had free access to a number of our maths tools for evaluation. They will now be required to licence use of the tools, available in four packs, on an annual subscription basis.

We are trying to manage this conversion from free to licenced use as sensitively as we can. We do understand that for some current users of the free resources this transition may be difficult and we encourage such users to contact us on ‘contact@vividinteractive.co.uk’ and we will do our very best to smooth the transition for them.

Overall, our philosophy is to offer high quality resources at affordable cost. We put our 21 years experience and passion for education into everything we produce and intend to continually add value to our subscription services.

The feedback and involvement of our users is crucial in this and so we encourage all feedback, good and bad, and suggestions for anything that will add value.

Vivid maths: Tool pack – Number

One of four toolpacks, this number pack contains 10 separate configurable tools for use on the Interactive Whiteboard, or on individual devices for teaching about number. More »

Vivid maths: Tool pack – Shape and geometry

Contains 8 configurable interactive tools for exploring issues around shape and geometry, including patterns, tessellations and co-ordinates. More »

Vivid maths: Tool pack – Data and measures

Containing 9 tools for exploring time, measure and data handling. More »

Vivid maths: Tool pack – Miscellaneous

Contains a mix of 8 compelling interactive tools like Cuisenaire rods, Connecting cubes, Money and Balance scales for exploring various maths issues. More »

Vivid maths: Teach, Practice, Assess (TPA) – Number pack

This is the first of our series of TPA packs with 5 units, each with at least one interactive tool for whole class teaching, practice questions for individual exploration, a self assessment section and lesson and extension ideas. Many of these will also have associated apps for iphone and Android available. More »

Vivid mobile: apps for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android platforms

We are developing a series of iphone and Android smartphone apps for out of school revision and practice. Whilst these will be wholly stand alone they will also be associated with units within the Teach, Practice, and Assess packs. More »

Vivid ‘Rounding’ app

Vivid Interactive is producing a series of Maths apps to help educate and ease users through some tough, tricky or entertaining Maths with our signature ‘Maths raps’.

Whether adult or child the apps help you get to grips with the topics, and quizzes in the apps can check how you’re doing. More »

Vivid Mobile Development Webinar

Vivid hosted their first webinar on 13 July to share the research they have done into developing educational content for mobiles.

We are currently extending our services to embrace this emerging market following a strategic look at business models and development pathways.

If you couldn’t make it to the webinar or would like to take another look you can view a recording.

You can visit our mobile-friendly web pages at www.vividinteractive.co.uk/mobile for latest news and contact details.

All that I am

We’ve recently started work on an exciting new web project called ‘All that I am’. ATIA will be an online social network for creative people to share & rate their current projects.

We’ve chosen the excellent Drupal CMS for the job as it’s well known for it’s power and flexibility, especially for this kind of project. So far we’ve been very impressed with Drupal and will be looking forward to the next opportunity to use it.

Vivid resources on learning platform

Vivid have started publishing their teaching and learning resources on the ‘its learning’ platform www.itslearning.co.uk

This includes thirty five Maths teaching tools, available in four packs; Number, Shape/geometry, Data and measures, Miscellaneous. Our Number ‘Teach, Practice and Assessment’ pack will also be available on ‘it’s learning in Spring 2011.

These resources can all be used on-line, independently, or integrated into an ‘its learning course’. Further details can be found in our ‘Try before you buy’ section.

Vivid Moodle with Arabic

Vivid are now working with World Class Arena to produce digital resources for schools in Saudi Arabia. More »

Scientific Enquiry Down Under!

Working with Rising Stars, Vivid has localised the Excellence in Scientific Enquiry series to make it appropriate for the Australian education market. With all content now mapped to the Australian curriculum and a few changes to reflect cultural differences, the disks are on sale through MacMillan Education Australia.

As with all our productions, the update of a program to the requirements of another country is simplified by the way we build our programs – all four disks were completed in a matter of weeks!

Vivid MD stranded abroad (updated)

Mick stuck abroad

Is this Vivid MD Mick Landmann stranded in Lanzarote as a result of the Iceland Volcano, hard at work or is it a banker who has just received details of his latest bonus!

Vivid MD Mick Landmann has been the victim of the Icelandic volcano having been stranded in Lanzarote following a week’s holiday there. He has been in contact with the office back home via email and text and is due to fly home soon after an additional week on the island.

Here’s what he had to say:

“It may seem idyllic to be stuck in somewhere like this but actually it has its stresses.

My 15 year old daughter has important exams she really doesn’t want to miss having worked hard all year for them. We did actually get her mock GCSE PE exam emailed to us and she sat the exam in as near to exam conditions as we could manage here. The results were emailed back to the school for marking. She also misses her friends, Mum, Dad and younger brother being a poor substitute.

My 12 year old son by contrast thinks it’s Christmas secretly hoping for more volcanic ash to be spewed into the atmosphere.

All in all, though, we are looking forward to being back home and life getting back to normal.”

UPDATE: Rather annoyingly, Mick has now found his way back to the UK and is once again lurking in the office.

Geoboard resources

The geoboard resources are now available as part of our ‘Shape/geometry’ tool pack that is available online by subscription.

Clocks & calendar resources

The clocks and calendar resources are now available as part of our ‘Data and measures’ tool pack that is available online by subscription.

Nelson Comprehension

Nelson Comprehension

Client: Nelson Thornes

Launch online demo

  • Primary comprehension across Years 1-6 and 5 levels
  • VLE and CD-ROM versions for use on interactive whiteboard/small groups/1-on-1

A huge range of fiction and non-fiction texts and extracts are available, with narration, video, illustrations, animations and sound effects. Visual ‘snapshots’ support and assess struggling readers’ thinking comprehension skills. Vivid have produced a wealth of fully interactive activities that reinforce key comprehension skills – such as dilemma voting, story-mapping and character grids. Video and other media can be imported and incorporated. Together with Vivid Tools, a media bank and avatar builder this product is in another dimension! More »

Shortlisted for BETT award again

BETT awards 2010 finalistWe are very pleased that Cracking Comprehension, a primary literacy program that Vivid Interactive designed and developed for Rising Stars, has been shortlisted for a BETT 2010 award in the ‘Primary digital content’ category.

This category attracts a huge number of entries so being shortlisted really does indicate the exemplary nature of this fantastic program.

Number line resources

The number line resources are now available as part of our ‘Number’ tool pack that is available online by subscription.

How Science Works

How Science Works thumbClient: Rising Stars

Following on from the success of Scientific Enquiry, How Science Works also provided virtual experiment – but this time for KS3. The three disks are for Biology, Physics and Chemistry with 33 interactive experiments in total which are clearly marked for years 7, 8 or 9. More »

Mobile Learning and Classrooms of the Future

Another mini White Paper, produced by Brighton based testing facility ‘Epicentre’, this time focusing on mobile learning and the classrooms of the future.


Experienced consultative sales role

UPDATE: This post was taken but check back for future opportunities.

Vivid Interactive, based in the heart of Brighton, was established in 1988 and is one of the most experienced digital media consultancy and production companies in the UK. Specialising in the development of digital media for education Vivid has an impressive track record of clients and projects.

To help us in our growth at an exciting time of expansion we are looking for an experienced salesperson to drive our sales. Candidates must be very familiar with the world of educational publishing and primary and secondary education, have extensive experience of consultative selling and be passionate about digital media for education. More »

Developing Literacy

Developing Literacy thumbClient: A&C Black

Developing Literacy is a new series of engaging interactive activities for use as lesson starters on an interactive whiteboard.

This four disk series, aimed at KS2 pupils, is organised into the three literacy strands: word structure & spelling, sentence structure and punctuation & understanding & creating text. Each strand provides eight activities, each with an associated key framework objective. More »

Mick’s musings

Vivid Interactive MD, Mick Landmann, has set up a blog to discuss issues around education and digital media. He is very keen to extend his discussion to anyone who is involved in or has views on education in the 21st century.

Mick’s musings

Designs on the future

robot-scientist-150wWell-designed school buildings with high quality facilities, especially for ICT, are the key to delivering effective, personalised education.

The Government’s £48bn Building Schools for the Future program aims to help local authorities update and improve school buildings, or rebuild secondary schools if necessary.

Crucial to this programme is the need to integrate digital technology into school infrastructure. More »

A virus ate my e-portfolio, miss


An e-portfolio is a digital collection of pupils’ education documents, but it has the potential to do much more.

Before technology got sophisticated, pupils stored their work in notebooks or folders, which were vulnerable to loss and damage and filled up. More »

Education without frontiers

Imagine a world where education fits the pupils, rather than the pupils learning to fit into the system. Sounds simple, doesn’t it.

Well, that’s ‘personalisation’ in a nutshell.

The Plowden Report of 1967 says that:

“The school sets out….to devise the right environment for children to allow them to be themselves and to develop in the way and at a pace appropriate to them…”

Yet the practicalities of a teacher led classroom based education has not been able to deliver on ideals. More »

Classrooms without walls

glass-wallsFlexibility is the key to the new national curriculum with learning taking place in and out of the classroom.

The aim is to tailor education to pupils’ needs to a greater extent and to make closer links with employment and the skills required in the 21st century world of work. More »

In the palm of your hand

The Handheld Learning conference 13-15 October 2008

This was a conference where you were spoilt for choice. It was thronged with like-minded people who had intriguing and interesting takes on the future of learning in the 21st century.

Digital technology can enrich the lives of our young people and this was an ideal place to see how.

Highlights included three young people showing their short films, which were astonishingly good, with corresponding confidence and presentation skills. More »

Pupil voice – gathering evidence

red-megaphoneSo a New Year and new opportunities? I’m not a man who puts much store by new years resolutions, they always seem to get broken, but I do like to see the dawning of a new year as an opportunity to inject new energy and purpose into things.

In the world of education the year just gone has seen some promise towards the potential offered by digital media, but also some signs that there us an awful long way to go yet.

The Handheld Learning Conference organised by Graham Brown Martin in October (reviewed in our current newsletter) attracted more delegates than ever. It included a closing keynote speech from Lord Putnam, long a fan of the potential of Digital Media for education, and participation by such luminaries as Stephen Heppell and writer Steven Johnson.

The conference was full of sparkling examples of the creative use of digital media in its many guises and its positive effect on the education of our young people. More »

Harnessing pupil power

Young people love their technology – mobiles, iPods, Wiis, PS ones, twos and threes, computers, Game Boys, PSPs, PDAs… – and they can all be used to help them learn effectively.

In future, rather than power residing just in teachers, it will move more into the learner’s hands.

A revolution is coming in the next decade, which means that pupils themselves can have more influence on the curriculum, and how and where learning takes place. More »

Mick takes digital media class at Winchester uni.

At the end of 2008 Vivid MD Mick Landmann took a class of digital media students at Winchester University. In this session he explored the possibilities of change that digital technology offered the education system.

“The session was very well received with the results that it prompted more interest in how digital media products to facilitate the revolution that you (Mick) described could be conceived, designed and developed.”

New online demos available

Happy New Year!

This is just a quick post to let you know that there are 2 new online demos now available for you to play with in Resources:

1) Cracking Comprehension online demo.

2) Excellence in Scientific Enquiry online demo (this isn’t strictly new but it can now be used online rather than having to be downloaded and run locally).

You’ll need Flash Player installed to run them.

Star Maths Tools

sc-smtClient: Scholastic

The second series of the Star Maths brand, Star Maths Tools has been developed using Vivid’s Tools to accompany the new series of books. More »

Cracking Comprehension

Cracking ComprehensionClient: Rising Stars

Launch Online Demo

Shortlisted for a prestigious 2010 BETT award in the Primary Digital Content category.

Cracking Comprehension is a 4-disk CD ROM series that uses innovative ways of teaching reading comprehension skills to KS2 pupils. This is the second programme Vivid have produced with Rising Stars, following the success of Scientific Enquiry. More »

Cracking Comprehension online demo

The online demo version of Cracking Comprehension includes an entire unit with complete interactive text, questions and model answers.

mouse_32Launch online demo

Read more about Cracking Comprehension


Accessibility – it’s not just about visual impairment

This mini White Paper, produced by Brighton based testing facility ‘Epicentre’, gives some useful facts and figures about who needs help with access, some devices that address accessibility issues and some useful links.


Towards defining the nature of the beast

Whilst the term ‘accessibility’ can mean different things to different people, look it up in Wikipedia and it comes up with the following really useful definition:

Accessibility is a general term used to describe the degree to which a product (e.g., device, service, environment) is accessible by as many people as possible. Accessibility can be viewed as the “ability to access” the functionality, and possible benefit, of some system or entity. Accessibility is often used to focus on people with disabilities and their right of access to entities, often through use of assistive technology.

Then look up the term ‘web accessibility’ and it lists the essential factors that should be considered in making not just web resources but all digital resources and materials accessible. More »

Technology can deliver learning for all

networked devicesWhen education only took place in the classroom, pens, books and blackboards were the main study aids. Now you can learn via Smart phones, PDAs like the HP iPAQ and mini laptops. However, the technology must be accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.

Sending material to devices with small screens should concentrate developers’ minds on what is clear, concise and simple, which benefits everyone.

Accessibility should be a priority from the beginning when designing education software – not an afterthought. More »

The far reach of simple messages

blind folded laptop userThe difference in the way sighted and blind people experience technology is the key to designing accessible and usable resources.

It is tempting to deal with issues like access and usability separately, when they are actually complementary.

If you start with material that is clear, concise, easy to navigate and is written in plain English, this goes a long way towards making it accessible to all and usable by everyone. More »

Making sure your technology measures up

3 wise girlsThe increasing number of pupils with disabilities learning in mainstream schools, and the rise of computer use in education means that testing your product to ensure it complies with accessibility guidelines and best practice makes sense.

This is not just a moral duty, but a legal one, as anyone treating a disabled person less favourably can be prosecuted under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. More »

A Flash in the pan or all things to all people?

Adobe is keen to trumpet the accessibility features of Flash CS3, but there are drawbacks as well as advantages which users need to be aware of.

Since version 6, accessibility features have been built in to Flash, so developers can label elements of the Flash movie, such as buttons or graphics, to expose them to screen readers, along with the contents of text fields. More »

Tools that help disabled people

It is not only sight problems that can limit access to education. Other disabilities can be overlooked, such as:

  • Deafness and hearing problems,
  • Motor skills,
  • Cognitive impairment,
  • More unusual visual impairments such as colour blindness

This mini white paper, produced by Brighton based testing facility ‘Epicentre’, gives some useful facts and figures about who needs help with access, some devices that address accessibility issues and some useful links.

Accessibilty: it’s not just about visual impairment (PDF)

Vivid resources

CD ROM helps pupils read between the lines

Cracking Comprehension Jack IllustrationA four CD ROM reading aid that uses innovative ways of teaching reading comprehension skills to KS2 pupils is to be launched in September.

Cracking Comprehension is the second programme Vivid are producing with Rising Stars, following the success of Scientific Enquiry.

The aim is to build comprehension skills by viewing different types of text in a variety of ways. Pupils can also listen to the text to develop listening comprehension. More »

CMS transplant

Vivid has recently completed a project for the London based charity, Trinity Hospice.

We were approached with a simple brief:

“Keep the front end and content the same – just completely replace the CMS with something intuitive that actually works.”

A bit like the magic tablecloth trick, only with the entire back end of a website. More »

Star Maths Starters

Star Maths StartersClient: Scholastic

Star Maths Starters is an appealing 6-disk CD ROM maths teaching resource that really engages young people. We produced the CD ROM for publishers Scholastic. It accompanies Scholastic’s Star Maths Starters resource book series for primary school years 1-6. More »

DIY Wiimote interactive whiteboard


One of the greatest recent innovations in the digital world has been the Nintendo Wii. This device has transformed the landscape and introduced the world of digital interaction to a wide audience outside the traditional gaming user group of 18-30 year old males.

This has introduced the spectre of whole families participating in interactive games: middle aged mothers hooked on the technology, grandads taking on their grand children. More »

Making it digital

Why making it digital is so different to making it for paper

Just a few tweaks and we can make paper resources into digital ones, can’t we? Well no, and here’s why:

As specialists in digital media for education, one of our core activities is the design and production of digital resources for educational publishers. These publishers, typically, are traditional organisations whose businesses have been built on the publishing of educational books and other printed matter.

Now, in the 21st century, with technology sophistication and the ubiquity of digital media in all of our lives (partially due to the demise of analogue TV by 2012), these very same publishers are having to turn their attention to the publishing of digital media. For many publishers this has initially meant the production and publication of digital media resources linked to published books. In time, more publishers will produce resources that do not have a book element and are complete digital resources in their own right.

For most publishers the transition is a pretty painful one because it involves more than just tweaking a few processes. It involves very real and significant change. More »

Digital media integration

Ten reasons for an imminent acceleration of digital technology integration into our schools

The pace of technological advancement is fast, often bewilderingly so, everybody knows that. In some areas we have experienced an exponential growth in the take up of aspects of those advances, for example in the use of mobile phones having now reached something like a staggering 95% penetration.

In other areas the take up of the technology is slower. In schools, despite the availability of ring fenced monies to ensure that all schools have interactive whiteboards, modern computer suites and broadband connectivity, the actual application of these technologies is relatively slow. Mobile phones, for example, whilst ubiquitous outside school are generally banned, or banished to lockers during school hours, in most schools.

But beware, this is all set to change. The comforting pace of gradual digital integration into schools is set to become a torrent and below we give ten good reasons why. More »

Digital media – a collaborative approach

Most people know about digital media, have at least heard the term even if not everyone knows precisely what it means. On the whole, people know that their mobile phone is digital, that their TV, if not digital now will be by 2012, that the internet is digital.

What many people don’t know is how this may change their lives. For the purveyors of applications of digital technology there is another dilemma – how to deal with the integration of the different digital platforms with regards to meaningful multiplatform applications.

Whilst all digital platforms share the common fact of being ‘digital’, the requirements for the development of content and applications and the dissemination of these can vary quite radically cross platform.

It would be exceptional for all the cross platform expertise required to be invested in a single place, which is why at Vivid we believe that the way forwards is through collaboration.

Even the mighty BBC, whilst investing in some of the expertise in house, collaborates with other suppliers to ensure a full 360 degree offering. More »

The Education Show

NEC, 28th. Feb – 2nd. March 2008

Another interesting forum event for the education sector, The Education Show caters for practitioners with many CPD seminars and suppliers exhibiting. But it also provides an opportunity for others to see what’s happening in the world of frameworks, curricula and School Improvement; what the buzz is with VLE’s, voting systems and interactive whiteboard applications; a catch-up on the National Healthy Schools Programme; and did you know it’s the National Year of Reading? More »

Moving forward with ActionScript 3

icon_flash_lg.pngMany people who’ve heard of Adobe Flash (previously Macromedia Flash) have experienced it as irritating splash screens or banner ads on web sites, or as a way to make a web site beautiful to the eye but often completely unusable. This is by no means the whole story – some companies have seen the potential of Flash to deliver a user experience not possible using ordinary web technology, and we have seen web sites that allow you to decorate a room using colours from a particular paint range, or construct and order your own custom baseball shoes. More »

We’d like to see you at BETT 2008

Thank you for coming to our new website.

We will be at BETT 2008 and if you are interested in what Vivid have to offer and you will also be at BETT let us come to you for a chat.

Just contact our Managing Director, Mick Landmann, with your contact details, stand number and preferred times (if any) for Mick to come and see you at your stand (or indeed anywhere else).

Look forward to hearing from you.

Nelson Handwriting shortlisted for a BETT award

Nelson Handwriting, produced by Vivid Interactive for Nelson Thornes Publishers, has been shortlisted in the ‘Digital Content Primary – Core subjects’ category for the BETT 2008 awards.

The programme, aimed at primary school pupils, contains animations and audio of letter formations, facilities for copying and tracing letters and words on an interactive whiteboard, bespoke video materials for warm up exercises, and games designed to enhance pattern recognition and practice letter formation.

Digital Horizons

Digital Horizons brings together organisations and individuals from the South East involved in various aspects of media including, film, TV, web, multimedia, internet, sound and music, specifically to explore the potential of digital media.

It is an enlightened project, very much of its time, that seeks to both inform and to establish a seedbed for collaborative activities in the domain.

Having been selected to participate in Digital Horizons Vivid Interactive have already established collaborations with organisations involved in gaming and in mobile phone content with a view to developing education resources on those platforms.

These are exciting times for us.

We’ll be happy to tell you more. Just get in touch.

Welcome to our new website

Thanks for coming to the site. We have completely revamped our website to reflect changes going on in the world of digital media and changes going on within Vivid Interactive in response.

In a nutshell we are in the midst of a communications revolution with the spectre of digital media changing the ways we all communicate and the way information, in its varied forms, is distributed.

The world is changing and so are we.

Whilst embracing the whole of digital technology, we are wholly focussed on the use of this technology for education. This is our passion and what we do best.

To fully address the whole of the technology we are involved in the Digital Horizons project, as its name suggests a project that aims to explore the full potential of digital media.

We are also establishing collaborations with others in the worlds of gaming, mobile phone content, film and TV, to further consolidate and broaden our 20 years experience of producing high quality digital media education resources.

The website tells the story. Have a look and contact us for more.


Excellence in Scientific Enquiry

Scientific EnquiryClient: Rising Stars

Launch Online Demo

An interactive science teaching resource for primary years 3-6, Scientific Enquiry is based on Rising Stars’ book series. It shows pupils that learning about scientific processes can be both fun and memorable. More »

Excellence in Scientific Enquiry online demo

The online demo version of Excellence in Scientific Enquiry includes an entire unit complete with printable resources and interactive investigations.

mouse_32Launch online demo

Read more about Excellence in Scientific Enquiry


The Vivid Framework

The Vivid framework is our way of working in partnership with educational publishers. It means we can work together to create engaging learning resources for young people and improve profits.

This document goes on to explain the Vivid framework in greater detail, explaining how and why it works.


100 Literacy Framework Lessons

100 Literacy Framework LessonsClient: Scholastic

This set of engaging interactive lesson plans, supports the New Primary Literacy Framework and is an invaluable primary English teaching resource. Commissioned by Scholastic, 100 Literacy Framework Lessons accompanies the Scholastic book series of the same name. More »

100 Science Lessons

100 Science LessonsClient: Scholastic

Part of Scholastic’s popular ‘100 Lessons’ series, 100 Science Lessons is a great help to teachers looking for lesson plans for primary years R to 6. This 7-disk science teacher resources set accompanies the Scholastic books. More »

100 Maths Framework Lessons

100 Maths Framework LessonsClient: Scholastic

100 Maths Framework Lessons is a compelling maths teaching resource that fully supports the New Primary Maths Framework and is suitable for interactive whiteboards. This 6-disk series was created for publishers Scholastic to accompany their book 100 Maths Framework Lessons. More »

50 Shared Texts Non-fiction

50 Shared Texts Non-fictionClient: Scholastic

We adapted Scholastic’s 50 Shared Texts (non-fiction) books for primary school years 1-6 into an appealing 6-disk CD ROM set. Each of the 50 texts found in this English teaching resource can be used in literacy hour as part of the National Literacy Strategy (NLS). More »

Nelson Handwriting

Nelson HandwritingClient: Scholastic

Shortlisted for a prestigious 2008 BETT award and recognised by the BETT judges as an exemplary product, Nelson Handwriting is a series of 4 CD ROMs developed by Vivid Interactive. It contains the first 5 levels of Nelson Thornes’ Nelson Handwriting books. More »

The Vivid prototyping facility

Download this document to learn all about how the Vivid framework can help to produce expedient prototypes.

Being able to produce competent prototypes quickly encourages valuable early focus group testing and helps you realise your ideas in digital form more effectively.


Vivid web logos

This zip archive contains various Vivid Interactive logos for use on the web. Please contact us if you require something more particular.


Key Maths GCSE

key-maths-gcse-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes

We used our multimedia expertise to create a maths teachers’ resource for Nelson Thornes. The series of 4-disks for GCSE Maths years 10 and 11 (KS4) is a companion to the publishers’ printed materials for Key Maths GCSE. More »

Power Maths

power-maths-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes

Nelson Thornes asked us to produce a series of interactive maths activities for high ability students at KS3 (between National Curriculum levels 6-8).

More »


flashyducks-thumbClient: Vivid Interactive & Doublestruck

Shortlisted for a BETT award (2004), flashyducks is a Vivid Interactive maths teachers’ resource created in partnership with Doublestruck. It’s aimed at KS1 (ages 5-7).

Developed in Flash running in a C++ shell, it can be delivered on standalone systems, networks, through a browser or on an LEA intranet. More »

Business Simulation

business-sim-thumbClient: Simulation Training Associates

We produced a virtual business environment for Simulation Training Associates. It takes the user through the different stages in developing and implementing business practices.

More »

The Neuro Clones

neuro-thumbClient: Vivid Interactive & The Ministry of Toons

The Neuro Clones is a lively animated children’s television series of 26 episodes (13 minutes each) developed by The Ministry of Toons.

More »


beesafe-thumbClient: Hawkshead

Hawkshead asked us to develop an interactive online game to support a campaign by Understanding Electricity (a government body).

More »

Corporate website

pro-fundraiser-thumbClient: Professional Fundraiser

Professional Fundraiser needed a content management system and easy to navigate website for their fundraising resources and factsheets.

More »

Corporate website

ice-house-design-thumbClient: Ice House Design

We designed and produced a website to showcase work and provide a viewing facility for Ice House Design’s ongoing client project work. We created a password protected client facility for this section.

More »

Corporate website

lambs-bricks-thumbClient: Lambs Bricks and Arches

Vivid Interactive were asked to deliver a compelling website for Lambs to:

More »

Corporate website

dreamworks-thumbClient: Dreamworks

Building, restoration and decorating company Dreamworks engaged Vivid Interactive to develop their company website as part of a rebrand.

More »

Corporate Website

sim-training-website-thumbClient: Simulation Training Associates Ltd

We developed a website (using HTML and Flash) to showcase all Simulation Training Associates’ company details and products.

More »

Renewable Energy

etsu-thumbEnergy Technology Support Unit (part of the Department of Energy)

Winner of a silver BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) award, this public information programme on renewable energy was produced for ETSU (part of the Department of Energy).

More »

Family Credit Public Information Kiosk

no-image-available-thumbClient: Department of Health and Social Security

We created an information system for the (then) DSS to provide information to the public about the launch of Family Credit.

More »

NATO Promotional Kiosks

mod-thumbClient: Ministry of Defence

We helped the Publicity Department of the Ministry of Defence fulfil its NATO publicity obligations by creating a set of compelling interactive kiosks.

More »


sustainability-thumbClient: Ecocentric Development

We created the Solutions! CD ROM to help our client inform people about sustainability issues. This interactive resource takes in graphics, animations, information sources, links and voiceovers.

More »

National Health & Lifestyles Surveys

hea-thumbClient: Health Education Authority

We incorporated a database of information on over 100 surveys into a CD ROM so health officials and agencies could quickly access National Health and Lifestyles statistics.

More »

Quality Scoring Framework

nef-thumbClient: New Economics Foundation

We developed a CD ROM demonstration of the Quality Scoring Framework (used for social and ethical accounting, auditing and reporting) for the New Economics Foundation. It was created for distribution at an international conference in Canada, Building Civil Organisation. More »

Training Manuals

change-first-thumbClient: Changefirst

We worked on a training materials rebrand for ‘management of change’ consultants Changefirst. Making sure the design was radically different from their previous ‘text book’ style, we designed and produced the materials to be enjoyably accessible.

More »

Petrol Fuel Injection Systems

aa-thumbClient: AA

This interactive video was commissioned by The AA National Training Centre to train patrol personnel in fuel injection engines.

More »

Product Knowledge

boc-edwards-thumbClient: BOC Edwards

We created a programme series providing product knowledge to BOC Edwards’ staff worldwide.

The project involved recording presentations by experts, producing interactive audio with transcripts and converting existing PowerPoint based training sessions.

More »

Peugeot Sales & Customer Care

peugeot-thumbClient: Peugeot Sales and Marketing Institute

Peugeot commissioned Vivid Interactive to produce a training tool for the Peugeot Sales and Marketing Institute. The interactive video was used to train dealership staff in ‘Customer Care’ and ‘Handover and Delivery’ and distributed to UK Peugeot dealerships.

More »

Teacher Resource Website

nat-trust-thumbClient: National Trust

Based around a National Trust property, Standen, we were asked to produce a pilot teacher resource website that provides topic based lesson plans and interactive activities to encourage visits from schools.

More »

Education Online

wkeo-thumbClient: Wolters Kluwer Education Online

Wolters Kluwer Education Online hired us to produce maths, biology and geography online learning resources. We worked closely with a number of subject experts to ensure the content was educationally correct in all aspects. More »

World Class Tests

world-class-tests-thumbClient: Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA)

We created interactive maths and problem solving items for 9 and 13 year olds for the QCA’s World Class Tests. The tests form part of World Class Arena, an international scheme for gifted and talented students. More »

Key Maths Home Support

key-maths-home-support-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes

We developed a browser based (produced in HTML/Java) online product to help young people in Year 7 with their maths revision. It supports Nelson Thornes’ Key Maths scheme. More »

Teaching Scientific Enquiry

teaching-scientific-enquiry-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes & ASE

Teaching Scientific Enquiry is a motivating science teaching resource. It provides in-class inspiration and practical sessions for primary teachers for KS1 and KS2 scientific enquiry. More »

Developing Problem Solving

developing-problem-solving-thumbClient: nferNelson

Created for nferNelson, this 6-disk series helps gifted and talented pupils at primary and secondary schools look at problem solving. The teaching resource examines problem solving from several different aspects:

More »


mathsinsight-thumbClient: Granada Learning Ltd

Built for Windows and Macintosh and designed for use in interactive whiteboard teacher-led lessons, Granada Learning Ltd. commissioned this maths teaching resource.

More »

Key Maths

key-maths-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes

Nelson Thornes commissioned us to work on the multimedia part of their Key Maths blended learning project. We developed 3-disks for years 7, 8 and 9 to support their book series, ensuring that each interactive activity closely references the books. More »

Can Do Problem-solving

can-do-thumbClient: Nelson Thornes

Linked to National Numeracy Strategy objectives, Can Do Problem Solving is a set of 6-disks, each containing 9 interactive learning activities. Covering primary school years 1 to 6, it introduces young people to the steps and strategies required for problem solving. More »

AQA Maths

AQA Maths thumbThis set of individual interactive maths teachers’ resources (covering years 10 and 11 GCSE at Foundation and Higher levels) was designed for delivery through our client Nelson Thornes’ content management system. More »

Acrylica ’98

ici-thumbClient: ICI Acrylics

ICI Acrylics commissioned this CD ROM to provide information, training and sales presentations on a particular range of acrylics for staff worldwide.

More »