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Making sure your technology measures up

3 wise girlsThe increasing number of pupils with disabilities learning in mainstream schools, and the rise of computer use in education means that testing your product to ensure it complies with accessibility guidelines and best practice makes sense.

This is not just a moral duty, but a legal one, as anyone treating a disabled person less favourably can be prosecuted under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. More »

Tools that help disabled people

It is not only sight problems that can limit access to education. Other disabilities can be overlooked, such as:

  • Deafness and hearing problems,
  • Motor skills,
  • Cognitive impairment,
  • More unusual visual impairments such as colour blindness

This mini white paper, produced by Brighton based testing facility ‘Epicentre’, gives some useful facts and figures about who needs help with access, some devices that address accessibility issues and some useful links.

Accessibilty: it’s not just about visual impairment (PDF)

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