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In-App purchasing added to App

Vivid have just added in-App purchasing to MacMillan’s Sounds: The Pronunciation App. This allows users to buy new wordlists from within the app to use in the app.

in-App wordlist purchasing choicesA choice of 12 new wordlists can be purchased and more lists will be added to this each year.

Wordlists are graded (based on existing Macmillan course books) allowing learners of English to progress to more and more complex words.

After purchase, new wordlists are integrated into the current app and so can be used throughout: wordlist text and audio, practice questions and quiz.

Additionally, these new wordlists come with some example phrases (text and audio), putting some of the words into an everyday context.

This latest development is a great example of how Vivid are using mobile technology to provide solutions for clients to enhance their products.

Wordlists screen

Sounds: The Pronunciation App version 2 (April 2012) is available from either the App Store or  Google Play (formerly Android Market).

In the palm of your hand

The Handheld Learning conference 13-15 October 2008

This was a conference where you were spoilt for choice. It was thronged with like-minded people who had intriguing and interesting takes on the future of learning in the 21st century.

Digital technology can enrich the lives of our young people and this was an ideal place to see how.

Highlights included three young people showing their short films, which were astonishingly good, with corresponding confidence and presentation skills. More »