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Digital media integration

Ten reasons for an imminent acceleration of digital technology integration into our schools

The pace of technological advancement is fast, often bewilderingly so, everybody knows that. In some areas we have experienced an exponential growth in the take up of aspects of those advances, for example in the use of mobile phones having now reached something like a staggering 95% penetration.

In other areas the take up of the technology is slower. In schools, despite the availability of ring fenced monies to ensure that all schools have interactive whiteboards, modern computer suites and broadband connectivity, the actual application of these technologies is relatively slow. Mobile phones, for example, whilst ubiquitous outside school are generally banned, or banished to lockers during school hours, in most schools.

But beware, this is all set to change. The comforting pace of gradual digital integration into schools is set to become a torrent and below we give ten good reasons why. More »