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Cracking Comprehension update

Cracking Comprehension logoVivid Digital Education have just started work updating the extremely popular digital resource ‘Cracking Comprehension’ produced for Rising Stars in 2008.

The updates include new screen designs to refresh the look and feel of the resource, some minor functional updates and the inclusion of 36 new texts available in written and spoken formats.

The updated resource will be ready for release in May 2013.

Nelson Comprehension

Nelson Comprehension

Client: Nelson Thornes

Launch online demo

  • Primary comprehension across Years 1-6 and 5 levels
  • VLE and CD-ROM versions for use on interactive whiteboard/small groups/1-on-1

A huge range of fiction and non-fiction texts and extracts are available, with narration, video, illustrations, animations and sound effects. Visual ‘snapshots’ support and assess struggling readers’ thinking comprehension skills. Vivid have produced a wealth of fully interactive activities that reinforce key comprehension skills – such as dilemma voting, story-mapping and character grids. Video and other media can be imported and incorporated. Together with Vivid Tools, a media bank and avatar builder this product is in another dimension! More »

Developing Literacy

Developing Literacy thumbClient: A&C Black

Developing Literacy is a new series of engaging interactive activities for use as lesson starters on an interactive whiteboard.

This four disk series, aimed at KS2 pupils, is organised into the three literacy strands: word structure & spelling, sentence structure and punctuation & understanding & creating text. Each strand provides eight activities, each with an associated key framework objective. More »

100 Literacy Framework Lessons

100 Literacy Framework LessonsClient: Scholastic

This set of engaging interactive lesson plans, supports the New Primary Literacy Framework and is an invaluable primary English teaching resource. Commissioned by Scholastic, 100 Literacy Framework Lessons accompanies the Scholastic book series of the same name. More »

50 Shared Texts Non-fiction

50 Shared Texts Non-fictionClient: Scholastic

We adapted Scholastic’s 50 Shared Texts (non-fiction) books for primary school years 1-6 into an appealing 6-disk CD ROM set. Each of the 50 texts found in this English teaching resource can be used in literacy hour as part of the National Literacy Strategy (NLS). More »