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Technology can deliver learning for all

networked devicesWhen education only took place in the classroom, pens, books and blackboards were the main study aids. Now you can learn via Smart phones, PDAs like the HP iPAQ and mini laptops. However, the technology must be accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.

Sending material to devices with small screens should concentrate developers’ minds on what is clear, concise and simple, which benefits everyone.

Accessibility should be a priority from the beginning when designing education software – not an afterthought. More »

Moving forward with ActionScript 3

icon_flash_lg.pngMany people who’ve heard of Adobe Flash (previously Macromedia Flash) have experienced it as irritating splash screens or banner ads on web sites, or as a way to make a web site beautiful to the eye but often completely unusable. This is by no means the whole story – some companies have seen the potential of Flash to deliver a user experience not possible using ordinary web technology, and we have seen web sites that allow you to decorate a room using colours from a particular paint range, or construct and order your own custom baseball shoes. More »