You doubt the veracity of the canada goose store claim made by

Most slain protesters were Hamas members

Okay so your argument falls even flatter, the journalist was called a martyr aka his death could be used by propagandistsThe canada goose uk black friday Meir Amit Intelligence uk canada goose outlet and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) was established in 2002. It is part of the Israel Intelligence canadian goose jacket Heritage and Commemoration Center (IICC), a national site dedicated to the canada goose uk outlet memory of fallen of the Israeli intelligence community. The ITIC is located near Gelilot, north of Tel Aviv, and is canada goose directed by (Col. Ret.) Dr. Reuven uk canada goose Erlich. I suppose it sounds better, but better doesn make it vindicating. There really no difference between claiming 50 of them were of Hamas and saying 62 of them were of Hamas.If he said all of them were from Hamas, that would make Canada Goose Online it easier for Israel to claim it was canada goose coats on sale really defending the border from terrorists. And not, you know, shooting people with rocks.People with rocks is a kind way to describe people throwing rocks, Molotov cocktails, and burned tires at Israeli soldiers. Even disregarding the cocktails and flaming tires that were being Canada Goose online thrown, rocks can still canada goose factory sale kill a person you know. Was the IDF supposed to sit there and take it? And again, they weren just people with rocks. They were throwing flaming tires and Molotov cocktails. So yes, Israel was defending the border from canada goose uk shop terrorists.There still literally nothing thecanadagooseoutlet that would suggest they WERE from Hamas other than dude claiming they were after they died, and anyone can say someone was from their cheap canada goose uk organization with no canada goose black friday sale ability to confirm or deny.There still literally nothing that canada goose coats would suggest 62 people were killed, and hundreds of others were injured, other than Canada Goose Parka some dudes who witnessed the event.You doubt the veracity of the canada goose store claim made by an official member of Hamas? Canada Goose sale That fine. you Canada Goose Outlet all pretty much disgust me, especially Canada Goose Jackets with the victim card OOOOOO LORD the victimization you guys pull!I blame the Israeli government and I hear back YOU ANTI SEMITE! How is it antisemetic to point out serious issues? Not only that, Israelis cheap Canada Goose make up about 10% of semites and Arabs the other 90%. You act like they’re standing around with signs and singing songs. They’re lighting tires on fire to obscure the border while they send people with bolt cutters and machetes to get through. They’re throwing Molotov cocktails and incendiary kites at soldiers. Of the 40,000 doing this, around 60 were buy canada goose jacket cheap killed, and around 50 of those were members of a terrorist organization. Your entire view of the situation is based on false premises. A metered paywall allows users to view a specific number of articles before requiring paid subscription. canada goose clearance sale Articles posted to /r/worldnews should be accessible to everyone. While your submission was not removed, Canada Goose Coats On Sale it has been flaired canada goose canada goose outlet clearance and users are discouraged from upvoting it or commenting on it. For more information see our wiki page on paywalls. Please try to find another source. If there is no other buy canada goose jacket news site reporting on the story, contact the moderators.

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