Vivid MD stranded abroad (updated)

Mick stuck abroad

Is this Vivid MD Mick Landmann stranded in Lanzarote as a result of the Iceland Volcano, hard at work or is it a banker who has just received details of his latest bonus!

Vivid MD Mick Landmann has been the victim of the Icelandic volcano having been stranded in Lanzarote following a week’s holiday there. He has been in contact with the office back home via email and text and is due to fly home soon after an additional week on the island.

Here’s what he had to say:

“It may seem idyllic to be stuck in somewhere like this but actually it has its stresses.

My 15 year old daughter has important exams she really doesn’t want to miss having worked hard all year for them. We did actually get her mock GCSE PE exam emailed to us and she sat the exam in as near to exam conditions as we could manage here. The results were emailed back to the school for marking. She also misses her friends, Mum, Dad and younger brother being a poor substitute.

My 12 year old son by contrast thinks it’s Christmas secretly hoping for more volcanic ash to be spewed into the atmosphere.

All in all, though, we are looking forward to being back home and life getting back to normal.”

UPDATE: Rather annoyingly, Mick has now found his way back to the UK and is once again lurking in the office.

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