Welcome to our new website

Thanks for coming to the site. We have completely revamped our website to reflect changes going on in the world of digital media and changes going on within Vivid Interactive in response.

In a nutshell we are in the midst of a communications revolution with the spectre of digital media changing the ways we all communicate and the way information, in its varied forms, is distributed.

The world is changing and so are we.

Whilst embracing the whole of digital technology, we are wholly focussed on the use of this technology for education. This is our passion and what we do best.

To fully address the whole of the technology we are involved in the Digital Horizons project, as its name suggests a project that aims to explore the full potential of digital media.

We are also establishing collaborations with others in the worlds of gaming, mobile phone content, film and TV, to further consolidate and broaden our 20 years experience of producing high quality digital media education resources.

The website tells the story. Have a look and contact us for more.


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